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Thu 18th February 2016
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New gTLD Add Over 1 Million Domain Registrations in Just Last 5 Days - According to ntldstats.com, the number of new gTLD’s domain registrations grew by 1.1 million domains, in just the last 5 days. In terms of percentage of increase, the 1.1 million increase in new gTLD domain names, is close to a 9% increase in just 5 days. On February 13th, there were a total of 12,675,000 new gTLD domain names registered. Today on February 18th, ntldstats.com shows the total number of new gTLD’s domain name registrations at 13,782,837 meaning that the number of new gTLD domains ... read more ...
Fri 18th December 2015
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BY.com Added To Namescon Auction; Get's $500K Bid: My Interview W/ The Owner - The two letter domain name BY.com has just been added to the RightoftheDot.com domain name auction as part of the  Namescon conference. The domain name already has gotten a bid of $500,000 on Namejet.com in pre-bidding. No only is BY.com become the 4th two letter .com in the auction, but it joins AT.com as the second two letter domain that is a word. I had a chance to chat with the owner of the domain, André Eidskrem, about the very interesting history behind the domain name and why he is now ... read more ...
Sat 5th December 2015
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Census.com, In Last Namescon Auction Sells To Mark Monitor Client - The domain name Census.com which was in the RightoftheDot.com domain name auction at Namescon in January 2015, just sold to a Mark Monitor client as the whois information changed yesterday. The domain name Census.com was one of my favorite picks from that auction. The domain name had a auction reserve of between $100,001 – $250,000 It will be interesting to see who wound up buying this domain. Census.com as a parked page has an Alexa ranking in the 5 million range. In a just 5 weeks RightoftheDot.com ... read more ...
Fri 13th November 2015
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Rick Schwartz Sells 4 Domains For Over $1.325M & Breaks Record (Again) For 4 Number .Com - Rick Schwartz added to his most amazing year, selling four more domain names this week for just over $1.325 million dollars. Rick, who is known as the Domain King, keeps showing why he owns that title. Included in this week’s sales is 6565.com which set another record for a 4 number .Com domain name. Rick sold 9595.com for $180,000 in July, which at the time set a record for the highest amount paid for a 4 number .Com domain name (NNNN.com) The sale of 6565.com, which Rick sold early this week, ... read more ...
Tue 10th November 2015
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CentralNic Passes 2 Million Registrations of New gTLD - CentralNic Group PLC has over 2.0 million domains registered using its platform representing 21% of all new gTLD domain names. Of the 2+ million new gTLD registered through CentralNic 1,552,903 are .XYZ domain names.  The only other extension using CentralNic that has 100,000+  is .website, although .online is quickly approaching with just about 95,000 domain names. CentralNic passed Rightside (NAME), which not only has its own new gTLD extensions as a registry but also performs the back end provider ... read more ...
Fri 6th November 2015
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RightofTheDot/Namescon Domain Auction Is Opened for Submissions - RightoftheDot.com is holding a live and online auction with Namejet.com from the Namescon conference. RightoftheDot.com has now formally opened up submission for the auction. We are looking for great domain names, especially one word .com and new gTLD’sm along with short domains in all extensions, along with brand domains, category killers, Geographic domains. Domains should have a low reserve price. The reserve price is not the price you would quote to sell the domain if you got an offer on the ... read more ...
Sun 25th October 2015
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Looks Like Sony Is Planning On A Sequel To Bad Teacher: "Another Bad Teacher" Based on Domains - It Looks like Sony Is planning on A Sequel to the 2011 hit Bad Teacher  that starred Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake. According to Wikipedia.org, Bad Teacher had a box office of over $216 Million Yesterday Sony registered several domain names that seem to indicate a sequel is in the works at brand protection company MarkMonitor.com: anotherbadteacher.com anotherbadteacher.net anotherbadteachermovie.com anotherbadteachermovie.net anotherbadteacherthemovie.com anotherbadteacherthemovie.net imdb.com,  ... read more ...
Wed 21st October 2015
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DNF.com Has Sold -

DNF.com has sole a domain that forwarded to DNForum.com is now owned by a registrant in China.

The domain recently stopped forwarding to a forum and was parked during SEDO.

The volume is undisclosed.

The domain name was purebred in 1996.

The domain is now purebred during a Chinese domain name registrar, ename.com

Registrant Contact

Via: thedomains.com

Tue 20th October 2015
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.Wang Adds 90K+ Domains in 1 Day: 160K in 3 Days: Becomes 3rd Largest New gTLD -   The new gTLD .Wang gained some 90,000 new domain registrations in the last day or so and over 160,000 new domain registrations since October 17th which is an increase of 50% According to Registered.Today  .Wang gained more than 90,000 new domain registrations yesterday. According to ntldstats.com, the number of .Wang domain registration has grown from 285,000 on October 17th to over 445,000 on October 19th an increase of more than 50%. .Wang has now become the third most registered new gTLD ... read more ...
Mon 14th September 2015
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How To: Free & Easy Contact Form For Domains For Sale - All Domainers should take advantage of a FREE option to use at your disposal by adding a responsive contact form directly on your domain name. Sedo, Flippa, Domain Name Sales, Afternic, GoDaddy and many allow to sell your domain names, but I often think the BEST place to sell your domain names is right on the domain name itself. A simple contact form can be all you need to gain interest and sell it (at least start the process) and save some $$$ in commission. One thing I have noticed in all my years ... read more ...
Mon 27th July 2015
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Another 7 total sale? Futbol.com is Sold - GoDaddy.com has sold the premium domain name Futbol.com which is the word that most of the world outside of the US refers to as Soccer. The domain name Futbol.com was one of the 200,000+ domain names that Godaddy bought from Marchex or $28.1 Million in April of this year. I broke the news on TheDomains that GoDaddy sold Beijing.com in May, shortly after they acquired the Marchex portfolio in what was very likely a 7 figure transaction. The Beijing.com sale even had some chatter (in the comment section) ... read more ...
Fri 10th July 2015
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LL.com 2 Letter Domain Name Sell? - The two letter .com domain name LL.com has had a change in whois records from REFLEX PUBLISHING, INC. to a HANGZHOU MIDAIZI NETWORK CO., LTD. with a GoldenName.com email address. Reflex Publishing owns some great domain names like Baseball.com, Motels.com and many more and states not only in whois records its domain names are not for sale, it also states it on its website Reflex.com. Here is the whois record that updated this morning on LL.com: In January 2015 I had reported that Reflex Publishing ... read more ...