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Thu 7th January 2016
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Here is How To Bid in The Live Namescon/ RightoftheDot.com Auction - I understand this might be a little confusing but I’m trying to lay out how you can bid on the  domain names in the RightoftheDot.com auction at Namescon, while the live domain name auction underway on Monday January 11th starting at 2PM PST So there are over 400 domain names in the auction, but only 125 or so will make the cut for the live auction on January 11, 2016 stating at 2:00 PM PST at NamesCon at the New Tropicana Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, NV. There is almost $7 Million dollars in pre-bids ... read more ...
Fri 18th December 2015
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BY.com Added To Namescon Auction; Get's $500K Bid: My Interview W/ The Owner - The two letter domain name BY.com has just been added to the RightoftheDot.com domain name auction as part of the  Namescon conference. The domain name already has gotten a bid of $500,000 on Namejet.com in pre-bidding. No only is BY.com become the 4th two letter .com in the auction, but it joins AT.com as the second two letter domain that is a word. I had a chance to chat with the owner of the domain, André Eidskrem, about the very interesting history behind the domain name and why he is now ... read more ...
Tue 15th December 2015
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55 Three Letter .Com's From My Former Portfolio Sold & Buyer Is NOT From China - I just noticed that 55 three-letter domain names (LLL.com) that I sold as part of my portfolio to Godaddy/Afternic, which was announced a week ago Monday, have already been sold off and the biggest surprise maybe the buyer was not from China. Domain investor Nat Cohen’s Telepathy is now the owner of the following three-letter .com’s. All appear to be the type of letter domain names favored by Chinese domain investors those without vowels or the letter “v” Some repeaters are included. The ... read more ...
Thu 10th December 2015
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Two More 2 Letter .Com Added To Namescon Auction; Now Have 12 Three Letter .Com's - Two more 2 letter .com’s are now live for pre-bidding on Namejet.com. Wi.com and FW.com now join AT.com in the Live and online domain name auction that RightOfTheDot.com is holding as from the Namescon conference on January 11, 2016. AT.com already has a bid of over $1.5 Million in pre-bidding at Namejet. In addition to the 3 two letter .com’s, there are 5 three number .com’s (NNN.com) also in the auction: 380.com 397.com 652.com 708.com 983.com We also recently added the three letter super ... read more ...
Mon 9th November 2015
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I'M Calling It: The New Wholesale On Chinese LLL.com Is Around $50K - The new wholesale value of a Chinese three letter .Com domain name (LLL.com) is now $50,000. Having over 100 LLL.com,  58 of them which are those Favorited by Chinese domain investors, without vowels or the letter “v’ opens me up to a numerous offers all day long which I recently wrote about. When I talk about wholesale offers I’m talking about unsolicited email offers from investors and brokers who appear to live in China and are willing to buy a domain today in what is a very liquid market. Certainly ... read more ...
Tue 27th October 2015
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I Spend Over 2 Hours a Day Answering Offers From China - You may have noticed I’m not blogging as much. Why? Its time to make money guys. As we all know buyers from China have been moving the domain name market for a few years, but we are now in uncharted waters. China now is making the market. US buyers are now interested in buying only the domain names the buyers in China want. I have 100+ LLL.com domains, about 30+ LLLL.com domain, 7 NNNN.com domains and lots of NNNNN.com domains that I registered back in the day when Marchex was buying them as area ... read more ...
Mon 26th October 2015
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Registering Any Available LLLLL.com Domains? TM Holders Are Filing UDRP's On Them - It’s no big secret that many domainers have been registered any and all available LLLLL.com domain names, (Even LLLLLL.com  domains),  especially  in the past month or two. While I noticed a big uptick on the registration of  LLLLL.com domains, I have also noticed a big uptick in the number of UDRP’s being filed on what just seem to be a good repeater or a pronounceable short domain UDRP Decisions: DORNA WSBK ORGANIZATION S.R.L. wins UDRP on the domain name SBKKK.com CNN wins UDRP on the ... read more ...
Wed 21st October 2015
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DNF.com Has Sold -

DNF.com has sole a domain that forwarded to DNForum.com is now owned by a registrant in China.

The domain recently stopped forwarding to a forum and was parked during SEDO.

The volume is undisclosed.

The domain name was purebred in 1996.

The domain is now purebred during a Chinese domain name registrar, ename.com

Registrant Contact

Via: thedomains.com