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Mon 15th February 2016
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The Story Of How Harvey Levin Bought The Domain TMZ.com For $5K - The Newyorker, just published a very interesting story on the history of TMZ, including the story on how the founder of the company, Harvey Levin bought the domain name for just $5,000 back in 2005. “The site needed a name, and “Feed the Beast,” “Frenzie,” and “Buzz Feed” were all considered, according to Rowe’s notes. Then, one day, a Telepictures executive suggested “Thirty Mile Zone.” It was an old movie-industry phrase, dating back to the mid-twentieth century, which designated ... read more ...
Tue 15th December 2015
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55 Three Letter .Com's From My Former Portfolio Sold & Buyer Is NOT From China - I just noticed that 55 three-letter domain names (LLL.com) that I sold as part of my portfolio to Godaddy/Afternic, which was announced a week ago Monday, have already been sold off and the biggest surprise maybe the buyer was not from China. Domain investor Nat Cohen’s Telepathy is now the owner of the following three-letter .com’s. All appear to be the type of letter domain names favored by Chinese domain investors those without vowels or the letter “v” Some repeaters are included. The ... read more ...
Wed 11th November 2015
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Sedo Holding a Three Number .Club Auction At No Reserve - Sedo.com is holding an auction of premium three numbered .club domain names (NNN.club) at no reserve starting tomorrow. All 3 number .club domains have been registered and as of yesterday all 4 number .club domain have been registered as well. The auction starts tomorrow and ends in November 19th at  11:00 EST in accordance with Sedo’s closing rules. Some of the domain name that popped out to me were; 111.club, 288.club, 555.club, 666.club, 818.club 899.club and 711.club (don’t park it) Here ... read more ...
Wed 21st October 2015
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DNF.com Has Sold -

DNF.com has sole a domain that forwarded to DNForum.com is now owned by a registrant in China.

The domain recently stopped forwarding to a forum and was parked during SEDO.

The volume is undisclosed.

The domain name was purebred in 1996.

The domain is now purebred during a Chinese domain name registrar, ename.com

Registrant Contact

Via: thedomains.com