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Thu 17th December 2015
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Com Laude published the 3rd Report "Gazetteer of Domain Names" - Corporate domain name brand protection company and registrar, Com Laude published its third Gazetteer of domain names, highlighting the key changes in another significant year for the industry. The 135 page report, covers all new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) registries from .AAA to .ZUERICH as well as legacy gTLDs (.COM, .ORG, .NET, etc.) and all 300+ Country Code registries (.uk, .de, .fr, etc.). Here are some interesting observations from the report: “There are now over 300 million registered ... read more ...
Thu 3rd December 2015
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Namejet.com Reports $1.56 Million In Domain Sales In November -

Namejet.com usually released a sales news for Nov stating $1,561,991.00 in domain names sold.

Namejet.com usually news sales of $2,000 or some-more and for that remuneration was done by a finish of  a month.

The tip 16 sales had 4 characters or less:



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Sun 22nd November 2015
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AT.com Gets a $1.5 Million Bid At NameJet.com - On Thursday we told you that the domain name AT.com was added to the RightoftheDot domain name auction being held as part of the NamesCon Conference on January 11th 2016, for which pre-bidding is now opened on Namejet.com There is now a qualified $1.5 Million dollar bid on the domain name AT.com which of course is a even a more rare than a Two Letter .com which only has 676 possible combinations since it’s a word as well. 47 domain names that are live for pre-bidding now have a least one bid on ... read more ...
Thu 22nd October 2015
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Delta Airlines Loses UDRP To Grab Domain Delta.Tours - Delta Air Lines, Inc. just lost its bid to grab the new gTLD Delta.tours in a one member panel UDRP of Douglas M. Isenberg. The domain holder’s case was greatly helped because he registered four other .Tours domains on the same day. “”Complaint states that the Disputed Domain Name was registered on July 8, 2015, that “[w]ithout [Complainant’s] authorization, Respondent is likely intending to use the domain to divert Internet users seeking [Complainant’s] official website online to Respondent’s ... read more ...
Tue 20th October 2015
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.Wang Adds 90K+ Domains in 1 Day: 160K in 3 Days: Becomes 3rd Largest New gTLD -   The new gTLD .Wang gained some 90,000 new domain registrations in the last day or so and over 160,000 new domain registrations since October 17th which is an increase of 50% According to Registered.Today  .Wang gained more than 90,000 new domain registrations yesterday. According to ntldstats.com, the number of .Wang domain registration has grown from 285,000 on October 17th to over 445,000 on October 19th an increase of more than 50%. .Wang has now become the third most registered new gTLD ... read more ...
Wed 26th August 2015
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Domain Movers: Avia.com, Prelaunch.com, Protect.com & More Domains - Welcome to the ever exciting Domain Movers where I detect domain names on the move for one reason or another. The vast majority of these domain name movements are by some of the largest companies in the world! Some are just valuable domain names in general and startups also join the mix! These are often early detection’s that are being reported for the first time and often lead to new brands, services, products and advertising campaigns. Here we go! Vum.com which had a for sale price of $75,000 ... read more ...
Mon 13th April 2015
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Flashlights.com, Gobe.com and More Domain Movers - Welcome to the latest installment of domain name movers that are mainly all associated with domains acquired by large companies for future products, services and brands. As always, these are mainly all very early discoveries. Amazon Technologies Inc. which has a payment service called Amazon Simple Pay (ASP) is discontinuing the service on June 1, 2015. Interesting to note, Simple Payments Corp acquired the domain name SimplePay.com between 10/31/2014 to 1/25/2015 when the domain went into privacy ... read more ...
Fri 27th March 2015
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Domain Movers: Liftware.com, OrderPro.com & More - Welcome to the first ever Domain Movers series on TheDomains! If this is the first time you are seeing the series, this is what it’s all about: Domain Movers are domain names that I dig hard to find that have been acquired by some of the largest companies in the world. These discoveries are often the very first time it is being published and may not be made public otherwise. These discoveries often are early indicators of new brands, new products, services and more by companies. The domain names ... read more ...