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Thu 7th January 2016
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.Ski Registry Removes All Reserves From The ROTD/Namescon Auction - The .Ski registry, which has some great one letter domain names like i.ski an e.ski and some natural hacks like water.ski and jet.ski has removed all reserve prices from the domain names being auctioned in the RightoftheDot.com domain auction being held at Namescon. All the domain names are now available for bidding in auction at No Reserve. Many of these domain names already have bids at Namejet.com in pre-bidding. Therefore the high bids have now become the winning bid. The live Namescon auction ... read more ...
Tue 5th January 2016
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Namejet.com Has Record Breaking Month Reporting Almost $3 Million In Sales - Namejet.com reported its sales for December 2015, selling 383 sales at $2k and above for a total of $2,964,861, nearly double their previous record breaking month of November, 2015. Namejet only reports on sales of $2,000 or more. 23 of the top 40 domain names were for three letter .com (LLL.com) domains, of the remaining 17 domains in the top 40, 5 were two letter .net domains (LL.net) and 4 more were four number domains .com domains (NNNN.com) With the RightoftheDot.com auction from Namescon being ... read more ...
Mon 4th January 2016
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Reserve Dropped On 8 Domains In The ROTD Auction: All Have Bids, Which Are Now The High Bid - We have more news on the RightoftheDot.com auction being held a week from today at Namescon at 2PM PST. An owner of 8 domain names in the auction, all of which already have bids in pre-bidding at Namejet.com has removed the reserve price. By removing the reserve prices, the domains are being offered at NO Reserve. Since all of the domain name have bids and the reserves have removed, the high bids are now the winning bids. Here are the domain names which are all open for pre-bidding on NameJet.com certifiedplanners.com metrocard.com doctorlove.com greatadventure.com nannycams.com funtimes.com SouthAmerica.com toytrucks.com Of ... read more ...
Mon 28th December 2015
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Tuscany.com; Erotica.com; Penis.com Added At No Reserve To ROTD/Namescon Auction - Some amazing domain names were added to the RightoftheDot.com domain auction being held at Namescon late last week all at NO Reserve by CheapDomains.com, including one that has an Estibot value of over $5 Million Dollars. That domain name is Penis.com, one of the premier “adult” domains but which is one of those adult words you can say on broadcast television. Penis.com of course can be used as a medical site. Let’s remember that of the top-selling domain names of all time several are adult ... read more ...
Thu 3rd December 2015
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Namejet.com Reports $1.56 Million In Domain Sales In November -

Namejet.com usually released a sales news for Nov stating $1,561,991.00 in domain names sold.

Namejet.com usually news sales of $2,000 or some-more and for that remuneration was done by a finish of  a month.

The tip 16 sales had 4 characters or less:



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Thu 10th January 2008
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Atty.com Sells during NameJet for $48,900 - The biggest sale for NameJet.com was recorded yesterday when atty.com sold for $48,900 Great name for an attorney. Others closed this week: zkw.com $7,800 employerbenefits.com $4,600 floridasports.com    $4,500 c-s.com    $3,900 inventorymanager.com $2,300 Closing  next couple of days (current bids): Candykitchen.com $3,700 BrainTumors.com $9,000 HonkyTonk.com    $3,100 Well.org    $2,600 Google+Michael Berkens ... read more ...