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Fri 13th November 2015
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DomainPros Buys 260 Five Digit Domains For $1M; $3,850 Per - DomainPros.com announced today that it just acquired 260 five number domain names (NNNNN.com) for $1,000,000 That works out to just over $3,800 per domain name. “Most of those 260 domains originally belonged to Marchex’s portfolio of 5 digit domains” which Godaddy bought from Marchex. Back in April we announced that Godaddy paid $26.2 Million dollars for Marchex’s portfolio of over 200,000 domain names, however its not clear if Godaddy still owned the domain names that DomainPros.com acquired. 62.com ... read more ...
Fri 6th November 2015
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Last Call: 6 Number .Com's: Less than 8K Left Out of 1 Million - If you’re considering registering any 6 number Ccom domains (NNNNNN.com) I’m going calling “Last Call’. As of publication less than 8,000 NNNNNN.com remain available for registration. The possible number of 6 numbered .com domains is 1,000,000 including the dreaded number 4 and zero. We would expect all of these domain name to be registered by the end of the weekend. There is a huge run on numbered and Letter domains in .com, .net, .xyz, .top and .win over the last couple of months. .Com, ... read more ...