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Sat 6th February 2016
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Exclusive: GoDaddy's 2016 Super Bowl Ad! - Take a look at this year’s GoDaddy Super Bowl ad before the big game airs. In a worldwide exclusive for Domain Name Wire, we have obtained an advance copy of this year’s GoDaddy Super Bowl ad. GoDaddy has been advertising during the Super Bowl since 2005, and I can’t imagine what a Super Bowl would be like without the company’s controversial commercials. Many years GoDaddy had to switch its ad plans to please the censors, infuriating GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons. Last year’s ad didn’t ... read more ...
Sun 1st February 2015
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Watch GoDaddy's deputy Super Bowl commercial - GoDaddy Super Bowl ad doesn’t show a puppy dog…it shows a small business owner. GoDaddy’s Super Bowl commercial is puppy dog-less, making it seem that the initial Buddy commercial was not intended to be a PR stunt. The real commercial is a great nod to GoDaddy’s customer, the hard working small business owner. He’s not watching the game at a party, the narrator says, because he’s working. The commercial makes a subtle nod to its aborted “Journey Home” commercial, or at least the ones ... read more ...