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Fri 23rd January 2009
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Peanut Butter Recall Gives Second Life to Domain - PeanutButterRecall.com sees surge in traffic from latest peanut butter recall. In September I excerpted part of an article by Tim Morse of Penguin Search Engine Services about ConAgra and its registration of PeanutButterRecall.com. ConAgra registered the domain name during the last peanut butter recall but never used it. When a new recall of peanut butter was announced recently, I immediately thought of this article. As it turns out, I started getting search engine ... read more ...
Mon 29th September 2008
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Lessons from ConAgra and Defensive Domain Registrations - How ConAgra played it smart by registering PeanutButterRecall.com, and lessons for other companies. [Editor’s note: Tim Morse, President and CEO of Penguin Search Engine Services, recently investigated defensive domain registrations. He became interested in the topic after discovering that food company ConAgra (NYSE: CAG) registered the domain PeanutButterRecall.com in the wake of the 2007 peanut butter recall but never used the domain. On Morse’s blog you can ... read more ...