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Mon 22nd February 2016
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A Domainer's Dashboard – DNW Podcast #72 - This service lets you get a handle on your domain name investing business. Can Efty help domain name investors make more money? Co-founder Doron Vermaat explains how Efty creates a dashboard for your domain business, and how it can help you sell more domain names. Also: Berkens’ big payday, Tesla gets Tesla.com, big .org contract out for bid, Rightside’s biz and .Cloud shoots up into the clouds. Subscribe via iTunes to listen to the Domain Name Wire podcast on your iPhone or iPad, or click play ... read more ...
Thu 18th February 2016
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Tesla finally acquires Tesla.com domain name - Tesla.com now forwards to TeslaMotors.com. Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) has finally acquired the Tesla.com domain name. It is now forwarding Tesla.com to TeslaMotors.com. The domain name was registered in 1992, well before the company was formed. The earliest whois record at DomainTools shows that the same person has owned the domain name since at least 2002, and may have been the original registrant. The domain name was registered to Stu Grossman of SG Consulting in California. (I will call him at ... read more ...
Thu 1st October 2015
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Don't be like a Tesla apologist - Some criticisms are valid, and this extends to the domain name industry. I stayed up to watch the Tesla Model X launch event online Tuesday night. It was supposed to start at 8 PM PST. Nearly an hour later, Elon Musk shuffled onto the stage unapologetically and proceeded to give a lackluster introduction to a car his company is depending on for its future. It has been amusing to see how people reacted to this. Most amusing are the Tesla apologists who make excuses for the company whenever someone ... read more ...