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Thu 11th February 2016
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Carman's Fine Foods is a retreat domain name hijacker - Australian company nailed for abusing cybersquatting dispute policy proceedings. An Australian seller of cereals and granola has been found to have engaged in reverse domain name hijacking in a .au Dispute Resolution Policy dispute. Carman’s Fine Foods went after the owner of Carmans.com.au, whose name is Ross Wayne Carman. Mr. Carmen used the domain name for one of his businesses. The complainant made some silly arguments, including: The Respondent’s surname is distinct from his former business ... read more ...
Fri 24th April 2015
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Orient Express Travel Group intent in Reverse Domain Name Hijacking - Australian company didn’t disclose prior purchase attempt and its rights post-dated domain registration. A three person World Intellectual Property Organization panel has found Australian travel company Orient Express Travel Group to have engaged in reverse domain name hijacking. The travel company filed an aUDRP against the domain name etg.com.au. It uses the domain name etg.travel. The panel found that Orient Express Travel Group was less-than-forthcoming in its aUDRP filing. It didn’t disclose ... read more ...