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Wed 17th February 2016
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Did GoDaddy compensate $35.5 million for Michael Berkens' portfolio? - Maybe… GoDaddy released earnings today. Although the company doesn’t directly disclose how much the company paid for Michael Berkens’ Worldwide Media domain name portfolio, there’s a clue. As of the end of September, the company’s cash flow reconciliation included $30.7 million used for acquisitions. At the end of the year, the number spiked to $66.2 million. That’s a $35.5 million difference. This does not necessarily mean this was just for Berken’s portfolio. It could have included ... read more ...
Wed 9th December 2015
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Why Marchex and WWM domain name acquisitions make clarity for GoDaddy - Unique characteristics make these portfolios valuable to GoDaddy. Worldwide Media’s portfolio is a good match for GoDaddy’s business model. GoDaddy made the surprising announcement on Monday that it had purchased Michael Berkens’ domain name portfolio. It was surprising because I had no idea Michael Berkens’ Worldwide Media (WWM) portfolio was for sale. But it’s unsurprising that GoDaddy was interested in this particular portfolio. Like the portfolio GoDaddy acquired from Marchex earlier ... read more ...
Tue 7th December 2010
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Michael Berkens and Howard Neu Team Up to Save Domain Name - Michael Berkens’ Worldwide Media, Inc., has successfully defended its CareFreeHomes.com domain name in a UDRP with the help of attorney Howard Neu. Complainant CareFree Homes II, L.P. doesn’t have a registered trademark for “CareFree Homes”, but it argued common law rights. The argument by the El Paso, Texas home builder was fairly weak. Summarizing the home builder’s failure to show any sort of common law mark, the panel wrote: The evidence offered by ... read more ...