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Sun 10th January 2016
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.XYZ Blows Past .US that Had a 28 Year Head Start - This week the new gTLD .XYZ past .US, the ccTLD of the United States, in the total number of domain registrations. According to RegistrarStats.com the number of .XYZ registration is 1,726,541 compared to .US which has 1,670.478. Keep in mind that .US, which is the country code for the United States, has been in operation for 30 years, launching on February 15, 1985. .XYZ launched on June 2, 2014. .US had basically a 28 1/2 year head start on .XYZ and now finds itself some 60,000 domain names behind ... read more ...
Tue 11th June 2013
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86 polite liberties organisation and internet companies launch StopWatching.US in arise of NSA revelations - Group chooses .us domain name to launch campaign against government surveillance. 86 civil liberties organizations and internet companies today launched a campaign to demand congress to act in light of recent National Security Administration spying program revelations. The coalition decided to launch its campaign on the web on a .us domain, StopWatching.us. Although .us can have catchy uses like .me domain names, I don’t see them often used this way. StopWatching.us ... read more ...