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Mon 22nd February 2016
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This week: Your dog can finally register a .Pet domain name - A new domain name for furry friends becomes available this week. There’s one new top level domain name entering general availability this week: .Pet from Afilias launches on Tuesday. The good news for pet lovers is that they won’t have to pay much to get Fido a domain name. Registrars I checked this morning are charging $12-$15 for .pet domains, about the same as a .com. This isn’t the first opportunity for animals to register a domain name. Over 5,000 people have registered .dog domains and ... read more ...
Thu 19th September 2013
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Donuts loses another conflict to .Pets domain name - Another panelist finds that .pet and .pets are too similar to both be delegated as top level domain names How many pets are there?Apparently two panelists agree: .Pets and .Pet should be in a contention set because they’ll cause confusion amongst internet users. International Centre for Dispute Resolution just posted a decision (pdf) by panelist Richard Page for Google’s objection to Donuts’ application for .pets. Google argued that having both .pet and .pets ... read more ...