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Sat 13th February 2016
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Your Tax Dollars At Work: Clinton Department Of State Email's Shows Interest In A Domain - “”Domain Names: “The World We Want” Per your request, I have investigated the availability of internet domain names derived from or related to the phrase “The World We Want.” By way of summary, the most desirable names related to this phrase are already owned. However, at least one owner is plainly willing to sell and others appear to be potentially receptive to purchase offers. One of the most desirable domain names would be Worldwewant.com It was purchased on September 21, 2011 for ... read more ...
Wed 10th February 2016
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Feel The Bern? The Domain FeelTheBern.com Is For Sale; We Chat With The Owner - Yesterday Bernie Sanders won the first Democratic primary of the 2016 election beating Hillary Clinton by over 20%. What has become the rally phrase for Mr. Sanders supporters is “Feel the Bern”. I reached out to the owner of the domain name FeelTheBern.com last night who confirmed the domain name was for sale, which was just registered in February of 2015. So it’s either Sanders or Hillary Clinton who uses the domain name HillaryClinton.com for her website, or one ... read more ...