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Thu 9th July 2015
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Verizon Telematics May Be Hum.com Buyers - On June 29, 2015 I had reported the domain name Hum.com had been acquired by a company going by the name of “1877 Holdings LLC” according to whois records. That same company filed an image mark and word mark. The word mark is for an OBD product / service  and bares the name of: Hum I have discovered a little bit more information and this has lead me to believe that Verizon Telematics may be the buyers of the Hum.com domain name and recently filed trademarks? Verizon acquired Hughes Telematics ... read more ...
Tue 26th August 2014
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Rook Media/DomainSponsor We Will Be “The Best Parking Platform of All Time” - We just received this email from Rook Media which bought DomainSponsor.com a few months ago. If you have an account at DomainSponsor.com you should have an email where they are asking you to change your password, while promising that they are going to combine the best parts of Rook Media and DomainSponsor to be “The Best Parking Platform of All Time” Here is the email: “While you’ve hopefully been having a relaxing summer, we’ve been very hard at work upgrading nearly everything about DomainSponsor. In ... read more ...
Mon 22nd July 2013
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DomainSponsor Vs.InternetTraffic.com Our Two Month Test Yields Shocking Results: DS Wins - Back in April we were approached by DomainSponsor.com to do a test on their parking system.  DomainSponsor.com said they had spent a lot of time and money on revamping their parking system, had all new people working for them and wanted to know how their new and improved system would stack up against Frank Schilling’s InternetTraffic.com I agreed to do a test with about 19,000 domain names I had parked over at InternetTraffic.com (IT) with two conditions; one, they had to guarantee me the earnings ... read more ...