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Fri 12th February 2016
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Verisign Working On Getting Contract To Operate .Com Registry For 10 More Years - In the earnings call today, Verisign (VRSN) announced that it was in “in the final stages of drafting the new Root Zone Maintainer Agreement with ICANN “to perform this Root Zone Maintainer role as a commercial service for ICANN upon the successful transition of the IANA functions.” “To ensure that root operations continue to perform at the same high level during the expected 10-year term of the Root Zone Maintainer Agreement, ICANN and VeriSign are in discussions to extend the term of the ... read more ...
Mon 31st December 2012
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2012 Domain Dunce: The .com agreement renewal - Verisign lost an awful lot of market cap but consumers won. It’s difficult to say who exactly is the deserving subject of this Domain Dunce Award. It goes way back. In 2006 ICANN settled a long running dispute with Verisign by giving it a very nice contract to run the .com registry. The contract allowed Verisign to increase prices 7% per year in four of the six years of the contract. The contract was up for renewal this year, and ICANN rubber stamped a new contract ... read more ...
Fri 26th October 2012
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Commerce to Verisign: are we creation too most money? - U.S. government reviewing .com agreement price hikes. Verisign has a wonderful business model. Running the .com registry has huge efficiencies of scale. As the .com base gets bigger, it throws off more cash. For years the company and its investors have been able to count on two great upward trajectories: a growing base of .com domains and 7% price hikes in most years. Although the growth rate of .com is slowing, it isn’t slower growth that has sent the stock down ... read more ...